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ESCALATE's Methodology
The Argumentative Approach

The ESCALATE consortium - comprised of representatives from 5 different countries - will promote and disseminate special methods and tools for science learning.

The ESCALATE experience has been condensed in a comprehensive volume - The White Book (an updated version of the White Book is expected to be released soon) - deliverable D5.1 of the project, which is accessible to the general public.

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We are happy to anounce the SCIPIENS initiative (formerly known as ESCALATE2)! Please click this link for further information.

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Starting November 2006 ESCALATE will publish a monthly Newsletter where you will be able to learn more about our activities.

Teachers training &
Community of Teachers

ESCALATE is focused on training science teachers and tutors in formal and informal learning environments.

The project also aims at animating communities of science teachers and educators.

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Escalate's cases for the implementation of argumentation and inquiry skills.
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